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We've expanded our range of SharePoint courses so that there's a perfect course for you, whether you just need to navigate your way around or whether you're in charge of creating and maintaining the sites that host your company's information. NOTE: A user account with Full Control permissions is required for Level 1, and creation of some default sites and settings is required for Level 2. Refer to the setup notes for each manual for more details.

NOTE: Microsoft's Office 365 offerings are continously upgraded. These manuals are correct as of August 2017 but may have some differences to the currently available software.

The Microsoft SharePoint Online (2017) licence bundle entitles you to reproduce all Microsoft SharePoint Online (2017) titles within our range as many times as you like, so it's the ideal solution for those who do a lot of training in the same product. There are no quantity or time restrictions on this licence. The only restriction is that the reproduced courseware cannot be sold outside of a recognised training program.

The manuals included in this licence are:

For each manual, you'll get:

  • The manual in PDF format for printing
  • The manual in Microsoft Word format for modifying
  • The manual's chapters in Microsoft Word format
  • The associated exercise files
  • Pre and post-course surveys
  • Test questions and answers
  • Quick reference and handy tip handouts

You'll also get a full courseware customisation kit which includes all of the Microsoft Word content files that are used to build our manuals as well as access to our EngineRoom Desktop application so that you can put together custom manuals tailor-made to your requirements.

And you'll also get access to the following files:

  • All of the subject's chapters in Microsoft Word format
  • The subject's topic sheets in Microsoft Word format
  • The subject's topic sheets in HTML format
  • The subject's topic sheets in PDF format
  • The practice exercises for each chapter in the subject
  • The quick reference and handy tip handouts for each chapter
  • The test questions and answers for each chapter

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