About Us

Our company

Watsonia Publishing have been producing and supplying quality courseware for educational and training organisations since 1993. In this time we have gained a reputation for highly accurate, cost effective training products with excellent value and superior quality. Not only have we become the clear market leader in Australia but we have also developed an enviable reputation for innovation in product development. Our courseware is mainly used for instructor-led training and classroom teaching but is also used by individuals who require self-paced learning or distance learning material.

Our philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple and straight to the point: we want to offer you the best quality training courseware you will find anywhere. We therefore aim to continually:

  • Produce high quality, technically accurate, easy to use training materials at a reasonable price.
  • Offer a product that is original and inventive.
  • Produce a product that constantly challenges and sets the benchmark for training material.
  • Be innovative in every area of the business.
  • Provide the best service achievable.
  • Ensure that our product range evolves as software packages and training needs develop.

Why our courseware is different

It's all about the content. Watsonia Publishing's training manuals stand out from the rest because they are different. Our fresh approach to layout and style makes our courseware easy to read and understand. Case studies used in our courseware are based on real life experiences and the writing style is warm and friendly, inviting the reader to learn.

We are one of the few publishing companies in the world to have invested a large amount of time and effort in the development of a Rapid Courseware Development System (RCDS) which we have called the EngineRoomâ„¢. Using this system custom courseware can be created literally within minutes.

Unlike most other publishers and courseware suppliers, all of our content is written internally by Watsonia Publishing's own dedicated writing team who are all experienced trainers, each with an in-depth knowledge of what the trainer and learner both need.