QuickBooks Plus 2010-11 - Payroll

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This course is designed for people who wish to understand and use the Payroll Centre of QuickBooks to process a small business payroll.

The skills and knowledge acquired in are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software to setup payroll items, employee details, employee remuneration details, process pays and produce the necessary reports to meet ATO obligations.

At the completion of QuickBooks Plus 2010-11 Payroll you should be able to:

  • set up the payroll preferences for a company
  • set up employees
  • conduct a pay run
  • access payroll information
  • complete payroll end of month processes
  • complete payroll end of year processes
  • implement salary sacrifice processes

The course assumes that the user has some prior knowledge of the basic features of QuickBooks. It would also be beneficial to have a general understanding of the payroll process and personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

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