Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 1 ebook

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The skills and knowledge acquired in Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 1 ebook are sufficient to be able to perform basic tasks in Illustrator such as setting up a document, creating basic shapes and working with text.

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand the Illustrator workspace
  • understand how to navigate Illustrator
  • select and work with objects
  • set up new documents in Illustrator
  • work with artboards, grids, guides and rulers
  • arrange objects and use layers to manage artwork
  • draw basic shapes using the shape tools
  • understand colour and apply colour to object fills and strokes
  • understand how to apply and edit gradients
  • import, create and format type
  • work with text and objects
  • understand what the Pen tool is and how to use it
  • understand how to save and export in a variety of file formats to suit different purposes, and how to print an Illustrator document
  • use the Help menu and access online help resources

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