Operate A Personal Computer - Microsoft Windows 10

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This publication is mapped to the BSBITU101 - Operate A Personal Computer competency. It applies to individuals who perform a range of routine computer tasks in the various sectors of the business services industry and generally work under direct supervision.

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand many of the general concepts of computing such as hardware, software, types of computers and the like
  • explain the various hardware components of the computer
  • understand the various types of software
  • work with the basic components of the Windows 10 interface
  • work with desktop program and app windows
  • use Windows to install, update and uninstall programs
  • understand data storage and navigate your computer's drives, folders and files
  • navigate the folder hierarchy and work with folders
  • manage files on your computer
  • understand the purpose and function of libraries, and how to manage libraries
  • work with the Recycle Bin to manage deleted items
  • work with Quick Access and shortcuts in File Explorer
  • use the Windows search function
  • personalise the user interface
  • manage your printer and printing tasks in Windows
  • learn how to use the Get Started app and Cortana
  • understand some of the wider implications of working with computers

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