Microsoft Publisher 2010 - Module 1 ebook


This publication is designed for users who are keen to learn how to use the desktop publishing program Microsoft Publisher to create a range of professional quality publications including fliers, newsletters, brochures and postcards.

At the completion of Microsoft Publisher 2010 Module 1 you should be able to:

  • start, navigate and generally work with Microsoft Publisher
  • understand concepts essential to the use of Publisher
  • work with objects and frames in a publication
  • work with text in a publication
  • enhance the text in a publication
  • understand, create and apply styles
  • create tabbed, bulleted and numbered lists
  • create and work with tables
  • conduct and customise a mail merge
  • create drawings
  • create WordArt objects
  • create stationery using Microsoft Publisher
  • use layout and page techniques to enhance publications

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